2021 Tournament

Welcome to our Virtual Emo Walleye Classic!

The 2020 Emo Walleye Classic runs from April 10-11. The cost to register in the tournament is $300 per team.  The tournament is open to Canadian and American anglers.  Canadian Anglers must fish the Canadian side of the Rainy River only and the American Anglers must fish the American side of the Rainy River only.  Cash and/or prizes will be given to the top positions of each leaderboard category with the cash amounts and number of winning entries to be determined.  $10,000 CDN top prize paid out to the winning team based on 80 entries.  See entire payment schedule based on an 80 team field within prize section.

All fish entered in the tournament will be photographed, measured and recorded with the FishDonkey app.

Categories and leaderboards will update throughout the contest so check the leaderboards on your phone or on the website to follow tournament progress.

The standard award categories are:

  1. Stringer - measured by the total length of several fish
  2. Wild Card - a winner is randomly selected from all submitted fish (potentially)

Awards are presented on the basis of length (which will automatically be converted to weight through the app) as determined through mobile app and verified by tournament judges.  The categories, species and official rules can be found in the FishDonkey app prior to the start of the tournament.

See the official rules and regulations for more information.

Have fun and FISH ON!

 For more information, please contact us, or call Colleen Vennechenko at (807) 276-4128.